Horizontal Steam Boilers

Diesel / Gas Fired Boilers

Fully automatic operation is achieved through automatic pressure-jet atomizing burner, pressure switch and water level control switches.  Multiple levels of safety are incorporated in this unit, thus making it safe for unattended operation.  Adequate heat transfer area implies lower heat flux and lower thermal stresses.  Ample steam storage provides for better efficiency at all operating levels and totally moisture free steam. It boasts of a three-pass design, powder coated exterior and a lower connected electrical heat load.  This boiler is also suitable for hand presses of T-shirt/ summer wear/ garment units, sauna baths, steam baths in hotels, pilot plant projects, small textile finishing units etc.

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Wood Fired Boilers

Solid fuel fired boilers have a much lower running cost than oil or gas fired boilers. Essentially suited for those having large and continuous demands of steam, these boilers can work on wood, coal, agro waste etc. Excellent dry steam, great storage and automatic operation are unique features of these advanced boilers.

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