EmmKay UVC Sterilizers

What is UV-C light?

There are three types of Ultra Violet (UV) rays: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.
UVC has the highest disinfectant capacity because of its shorter wavelength and ability of this wavelength to interact with the RNA and DNA of the cells and microbes. As a result, the micro-organisms are killed or disabled from reproducing which leaves the surface free from any pathogens. This is a surface phenomenon therefore, can be used safely for various materials and eatables.

Why should you buy EmmKay Sterilizer?

  •  Certified UV-C.
  • Compact design.
  • Highly efficient germicidal effect
  •  No touch technology. (Needs no chemical, wiping and leaves no residues after sterilization)
  • Sufficient capacity for daily use objects.
  • Robust  in  design and material.
  • Covers 100%  surface  area in single use; no need to flip the object.
  • Industrial grade components.
  • 4 UVGI lamps; maximum in its segment (20L).

EmmKay UV-C Sterilizers Application :

  • DOMESTIC MEDICAL EQUIPMENT :Cotton, bandages, syringes, IV drips, masks, thermometers, asthma pumps, catheters, nebulizers etc.
  • BABY PRODUCTS :Teethers, bottles, bottle nipples, toys etc.
  • GROOMING PRODUCTS :Brushes, make-up kit, shaving brushes, razors, trimmers, scissors, combs, files, nail clippers etc.
  • GROCERIES :Packaged food such as milk packets, biscuits, cereals, breads, eggs, uncut fruits and vegetables etc.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS :Wallets, cash, cards, mobile phones, keys, watches, glasses.
  • DISPOSABLE CROCKERY (also for delivery and take away) :Cups, plates, spoons, food containers etc.

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