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Pioneers in the field of high quality, energy efficient thermal process equipment, SHUBHAM ENGINEERS offers a wide range of technology driven equipment.

We  supply  various   kinds   of   machinery   to   suit   different   applications  and   budgets.  All   the   equipment   in   our range   is   available   in   various fuel   options   like  LDO / HSD / kerosene / LSHS  fired,  wood / coal /   briquette  fired as  well  as   LPG / Natural   gas   fired   units.   The   machines   have   been   designed   in   such   a   way   so   as   to   provide optimum   fuel   consumption   and   operating   efficiencies   throughout   a   wide   range   of   operating   parameters.  Every  machine  passes   through  stringent    quality  control   tests    which   include    radiography   of   weld   joints, hydraulic   testing,  performance   test   etc.   Multiple   levels   of   safeties   have   been   incorporated   in   every   machine  that   makes   them   ideal   for   unattended   operation.   Every   unit   has   been   internally   lined   with   glass   wool   to prevent   heat   loss   and   further   boost   efficiency.   Powder   coated   exterior   makes   the   machines   aesthetically   superior   and   also   prevents   the   machine   from   external   elements   like   moisture   and   fumes.   We   use   Italian  burners   of   reputed   make   to   ensure   optimum   performance,   lowest   emission,   noiseless   operation   and easy availability of spares. The best components are used to provide years of trouble free service.

THERMAL ENERGY – Our Expertise

Finest quality  steam   boilers,   thermic  fluid  heaters,  hot  air systems,  hot  water    systems,  industrial  ovens  and  a wide range of customized  thermal  process   equipment according to the requirement  is manufactured   and   supplied   by   us. Technical   variants,   Multi-fuel  options, different  technologies backed by sound fundamental  data  and expertise  combined  with    years  of experience  in  various   fields  of   application   have  today  made us a name to reckon with.


Innovative Design, latest technology  and   constant  updation  has enabled the equipment manufactured    by    us    to    work  for years   and   years   without   any   hassle at    utmost    efficiency.   Keeping    in view   the   rising   fuel   costs,   we   utilize design   procedures   to   save   precious resources even   during  high turn down ratios.


A    good    Design    is    useless  unless backed    by  sound  manufacturing  processes.  We employ  latest infrastructure, equipment  and consumables   to   manufacture   State of    Art    machinery which  provide trouble free operation   to   our esteemed   clients.   No   wonder, more   than   seventy   percent   of   our sales is through repeat clients.



Process      equipment      breakdown brings   output   to   standstill,   possibly leading   to   heavy   losses.      Keeping this    view    in    mind,    we    devise    our equipment   and   its   control   system with   components   which   are   easily available,    cost    effective    and    with easy   alternative   options.      The   Show must    Go    On.    A    satisfied    client    is our best marketeer.

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