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As the name implies, shell type boilers don't have any coil system. These are of vertical construction in lower capacities from 50 to 400 Kgs/Hr and from 500 to 800 Kgs/Hr, they are of horozontal construction. There are different sections in the unit comprising of water preheater, furnace, steam generation unit, steam superheater and economiser etc.

A very compact boiler in the range of 50 Kg/Hr & 100 Kg/Hr, this has a footprint of only 2 feet wide and 3 feet depth. Can be installed almost anywhere. Fully automatic operation is achieved through automatic pressure-jet atomising burner, pressure switch and water level control switches. Multiple level of safeties are incorporated in this unit, thus making it safe for unattended operation. It does not have any coil, thereby removing the hassles or periodic descaling and coil repairs or replacements. Adequate heat transfer area implies lower heat flux & lower thermal stresses. Ample steam storage provides for better efficiency at all operating levels and totally moisture free steam. It boasts of three-pass design, glass wool insulation, powder coated exterior, noiseless operation and lower connected electrical load. This boiler is most suitable for hand presses of T-shirt/summerwear/garment units, sauna baths, steam baths in hotels, pilot plant projects, small textile finishing units etc.


A workhorse of a boiler, this robust boiler is most suitable for very cost effective steam generation. Oil fired, fully automatic boiler boast of integral 3-pass design , imported burner and well designed economiser leading to lesser fuel consumption than those associated with boiler twice as costly. Low heat flux and internal coil design leads to lesser descalings and optimum efficiency at all times. Adequate steam storage area futher ensures no moisture content in steam, thus saving precious resource.Noiseless operation, low electricity consumption and full glasswool insulation further improves efficiency.All this available at prices that make it a steal. Available in capacities of 200, 300 and 400 Kgs\Hr.

Rated Steam Output
(F & A 100 deg C) (Kg/Hr)

Steam Pressure Kg/
<-----------------------88 +- 1----------------------->
Fuel Consumption Kg/Hr
Connected Electrical Load ( H.P)